case Study: hCG in ART for Addressing Hormonal Dysfunction in Infertility

January 27, 2024by Dr. S. F. Czar0

Case Study: hCG in ART for Addressing Hormonal Dysfunction in Infertility

Patient Profile:

  • Name: Sarah
  • Age: 31
  • Gender: Female
  • Medical History: Sarah has been trying to conceive for three years without success. She has a history of irregular menstrual cycles and was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

Clinical Presentation:

  • Fertility Challenges: Sarah presents with a history of infertility, irregular menstrual cycles, and documented anovulation.

Diagnostic Workup:

Given Sarah’s clinical presentation and PCOS diagnosis, her healthcare provider conducts a comprehensive fertility evaluation:

  • Hormonal Profile: Sarah’s hormonal profile reveals elevated levels of androgens and an irregular menstrual cycle.


Based on her clinical presentation and diagnostic findings, Sarah is diagnosed with PCOS-related infertility.


This case study illustrates the use of hCG in ART to address hormonal dysfunction in infertility:

1. Clinical Presentation:

  • Sarah’s history of infertility, irregular cycles, and PCOS diagnosis indicate a hormonal dysfunction contributing to her fertility challenges.

2. Ovulation Induction with hCG:

  • Sarah’s healthcare provider recommends ovulation induction with hCG to trigger follicular maturation and ovulation, addressing the hormonal dysfunction associated with PCOS.

3. hCG Administration:

  • Sarah receives hCG injections as part of her ART protocol, precisely timed to trigger ovulation.

4. Monitoring and Timed Intercourse:

  • Sarah’s ovulation is closely monitored, and she is advised on the optimal timing for intercourse to maximize the chances of conception.

5. Psychological Support:

  • Sarah receives emotional support and counseling to help her cope with the emotional aspects of infertility and the ART process.

6. Pregnancy Confirmation:

  • After ART treatment, Sarah’s hCG levels are monitored. A rising hCG trend confirms her pregnancy.


Sarah’s case underscores the valuable role of hCG in ART for addressing hormonal dysfunction in infertility, particularly in cases of PCOS-related anovulation. Through ovulation induction with hCG, Sarah’s hormonal imbalances are addressed, increasing her chances of successful conception. The comprehensive approach to her fertility treatment, including emotional support, contributes to a positive outcome and emphasizes the importance of personalized care in infertility management.

Title: “hCG and Hyperthyroidism: A Comprehensive Examination of Hormonal Disorders”

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